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Find blog posts below that delve into the history, culture, and activities of Braxton County, West Virginia. Click on each entry to read more.

Halloween in Braxton County, W. Va.

Spooky season is big in Braxton. There are just about a whole months’ worth of activities you can take part in to celebrate this wonderful time of year. During October you can enjoy ghost hunting, spooky history and, of course, trick or treating! For the trick or treaters, find the schedule for all organized trick... View Article

Record Muskie Caught in Burnsville, W. Va.

On March 19th, 2022, Braxton County resident and avid outdoorsmen, Luke King, once again broke the state record for size and weight for a Muskie caught in West Virginia. This new record-setting Muskie weighed in at 51 lbs. and was 55.0625″ long. King said he caught the record-sized Muskie in the Little Kanawha River near... View Article

Halloween/Trick or Treat times for Braxton County, W. Va.

Bellow find places, times, and dates for Halloween festivities and Trick or Treating in Braxton County. Happy Spooky Season!!! Towns:Little Birch – Oct. 29th, 5 pm to 7 pmFlatwoods – Oct. 30th, 5:30 pm to 7pmBurnsville – Oct. 30th, 5:30 pm to 7pm Sutton – Oct. 30th, 5:30 pm to 7pm Gassaway – Oct. 30th,... View Article

A Flatwoods Monster Sword?

The curator of the Flatwoods Monster Museum, Andrew Smith, has always been a bit of a martial arts fan, and admirer of old-world weapons. Recently, Smith discovered a Company which offers customizable Japanese style swords at very reasonable prices. The company is Han Bon Forge. After looking at the option on the site for some... View Article

What's a Flatwoods Ground Pounder?

Need a gang to watch your back? Become an honorary member of the Flatwoods Ground Pounders and never be without a posse again! So, who are the Flatwoods Ground Pounders? In the mid-50’s a group of kids made up of Eddie May and his friends hitch-hiked, walked, and later drove all over Central West Virginia.... View Article

Eagle Kidnaps Boy... Thunderbird?

Thanks to, investigator, Les O’Dell for finding this story from 1907 and sharing it with us. In May of 1907 it was reported in two West Virginia newspapers that a boy from Braxton County, West Virginia, narrowly escaped being taken away by a giant Bald Eagle. Find accounts below: Tuesday, May 14th, 1907 – The... View Article

WV Historic Highway Markers, In Braxton County

The West Virginia Highway Historical Marker Program was initiated in 1937 as part of the New Deal as a way to encourage tourism during the Great Depression. The West Virginia Commission on Historic and Scenic Markers worked with the State Road Commission, Works Progress Administration, and Federal Emergency Relief Administration to place 440 markers during... View Article

New Promo Videos in Partnership with the Bump Podcast

In partnership with The Bump Podcast, the Braxton County CVB has produced a series of four promotional videos in which host Bo Kennedy and his Dad plan a “Man-cation” to Braxton County, West Virginia. The audio in the video series came from The Bump Podcast, which is a podcast centered around the paranormal. Find all... View Article

Flatwoods Monster wins underdog upset in 2020 Presidential Election

In an unexpected victory, polls indicate that the Flatwoods Monster has clinched the 2020 Presidential election. Though the mythical monster, only seen once in 1952 [read more about there HERE], wasn’t even on the ballot or an official write-in option; as well as not securing any party affiliation, the cryptid has won the popular vote... View Article

Monster Relic, Found!

The Flatwoods Monster Museum, located in downtown Sutton, West Virginia, has received a very rare piece of Flatwoods Monster history. The item seen in the pictures below is the original master caster for the famed “Braxton County Monster” lanterns first created by the civil group, the Jaycees, in the late 1960’s. For more detailed information... View Article