Visiting Gray Barkers Grave

Andrew Smith, the director of the Braxton County CVB and his friend Mothboy Mike, from the Mothboys Podcast have been discussing finding the final resting place of Gray Barker for nearly a year. Keep in mind it’s only a few miles away from the office Andrew works in every day. But then again, we knew it was in the middle of the woods, and Mike lives in Morgantown. So, some coordination needed to be done. After many planning attempts, Andrew and Mike finally planned to meet in the afternoon of September 26th and finally find the headstone and burial ground of Gray Barker.

For those who don’t know, Gray Barker was is an infamous legend in the paranormal/UFO space. To learn more about him, CLICK HERE!

Upon leaving Main Street in Sutton, West Virginia, Mike and Andrew turned left onto Sutton Lane, and then promptly turned left onto left onto Little Otter Road. After driving over I-79 the pair turn right onto Perkins Fork Road. This is where they knew they had to look sharp, because beyond this point things could turn sideways. They were instructed to drive this gravel road until they came upon a small collection of cars, possibly it was a junk yard, they didn’t know for sure. Once spotted, find a place to park that was out of the way, and if anyone was in out and about, to let them know what we were doing. Sure enough, all of that happened exactly, and the two were set on their way, walking down a dirt road. At the end of this road, they could see chickens, pigs, and a dog. They were told after this small farm, at the end of the road, a grass path would continue deep into the woods. At the end of this roughly half mile path, we would find a fenced off area with a gate. That would be the cemetery.

The two set off down the path, navigating many muddy areas, spider webs, and one fallen tree. Sure enough they found the gate and went into the cemetery in search of Barker’s headstone. After searching for about forty minutes, Mike found Gray Barkers head stone. It was a modest upward-facing granite stone, as most headstones seem to be for famous paranormal figures such as Barker. After a brief celebration for finding the stone, the two spend some time taking it in in quiet reflection to the contribution Gray had made to his field. Weather many know it or not, Gray’s impact on modern history has created a ripple effect which touches many contemporary cultural miles stones. Not the least of which was his contribute to the lore of the Men in Black.

After spending a little more time taking in the cemetery and the peaceful woods in-which it was set, the two took back to the path that brought them their and made their way back to vehicle they had left back on the gravel road. Tired, sweaty, and muddy; Mike and Andrew felt accomplished for finding the headstone that had eluded others, and we happy to bring details of this trip, and of the cemetery itself to light in the hope that others would follow in their foot steps and pay Gray Barker the respect he deserves.

Describing the walk in sounds arduous and unpleasant, but Andrew and Mike loved the opportunity to kill many birds with one stone. They don’t get to spend much time hanging out, being friends who live fairly far apart. So being forced to spend quite a long time in the woods together, just talking and walking was a needed respite from the daily hustle and bustle of life. Combine that with the peace of these West Virginia woods, the time was very well spent. So if you are a paranormal fan or ufologist who finds it difficult to find time with your like-minded friends, visiting Gray Barkers grave is a win-win-win that you need to cross off your bucket list this year! Find GPS info, directions, and a short video of Mike and Andrew’s experience HERE!