Gray Barker Memorial

Perkins Fork Rd., Sutton, WV 26601

Take a hike in the woods outside Sutton, WV and visit the final resting place of famed UFO investigator, Gray Barker, Riffle West Virginia. Barker is a well known paranormal investigator and author who specializes in UFO and government conspiracies. He was one of the first people to write about the Flatwoods Monster and it was Barker who popularized the concept of the Men in Black or MIB.

Barker is buried in his family cemetery just outside the town of Sutton, WV. To get to the cemetery, take Little Otter Road, from Sutton Lane. Immediately after passing over I-79 turn right onto Perkins Fork Road. Perkins Fork Road is a gravel road which will leads to small junk yard. Park anywhere in this area that will continue to allow traffic. Once parked visitors to the cemetery will walk the narrow dirt road which intersects the gravel road to the left. Farm animals are a good indication visitors are headed in the right direction.

The dirt road will turn into a grass foot path about ten feet wide and continue into the woods for about a half mile. The cemetery is located at the end of this foot path. Depending on conditions, the path may have areas of deep mud, so visitors are advised to dress accordingly, and wear hiking boots that can get dirty. Watch the YouTube short below to see what it’s like! Under the video, find an aerial view of the path with labels.

GPS coorindence

38.68362940005496, -80.71362936579445

38°41’01.0″N 80°42’49.1″W

M7MP+CHJ Sutton, West Virginia

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