Help us free the Flatwoods Monster, (known to his friends as Braxxie), by documenting his existence and undermining the Men In Black, who’s singular goal is to suppress his existence, wipe Braxxie from the minds of all who have known and come to love his legend, and extinguish the truth of the alien visitor! To spread the truth about Braxxie, grab your friends, and visit all five Flatwoods Monster Chairs located in and around Braxton County.

Need a map to these locations? Click HERE or stop by Flatwoods Monster Museum office and pick up a map and a copy of Braxxie’s legend today!

When you find each chair, take a selfie or a group shot with the chair, and be sure to smile big! Show those Men In Black they can’t get rid of this awesome alien! Once you have all five chairs photographed, you can collect your sticker at the Flatwoods Monster Museum. The modest prize proves your dedication to the preservation of the legend of Braxxie, the Flatwoods Monster.

Be sure to use the hash tag #freebraxxie when sharing your pictures online. Happy hunting and remember, the truth is out there!

If you would like to share your photos with us, please send them to [email protected]. Thanks!

How you collect your sticker: 

Show your pictures to someone at the Flatwoods Monster Museum*

*Stickers only available while location is open. Stickers available while supplies last.

For more information on the Flatwoods Monster Chairs Click HERE.

For more information call 304-765-6533 or email [email protected]