Request a Visit from Braxxie

Thank you for your interest in having the Flatwoods Monster make an appearance at your event or venue. This service is provided by the Braxton County CVB free of charge. However, making a request does not guarantee that the monster will be able to make an appearance and this form is in no way a guarantee of services.

Decisions to attend or not attend an event will be made based on availability of staff, time, and merit. The monster will only be able to appear at tourism related events. Conferences, festivals, etc. in the Braxton County area. Events or venues outside the Braxton County area may request a visit from the Flatwoods Monster, however the likelihood of attendance will be lower. Accommodations may be required.

Events that would not be considered would include private birthday parties, family functions, etc. A Monster appearance will only be available for around a half hour per event, so be sure to account for that and outline specific times. A private space must be available for the person wearing the custom to change. The costume is large and will require a medium sized room. An assistant may be required to help the person in costume navigate the area to be serviced.

Complete the form below and be sure to finalize your submission. You should receive a confirmation email once the form is submitted. If no confirmation email is received your request did not go through. You will be notified once a decision has been made concerning your requested date and time.