Monster Chair E: Elk River Camp and RV

360 Little Buffalo Rd., Gassaway, WV 26624

Monster Chair E, the fifth and final chair (for now!) can be found at Elk River Camp and RV. Elk River Camp and RV is located just off Rt. 4, 2 miles south from Exit 62 on Interstate 79. This chair can be hard to find. Luckily, their are clearly marked signs for Elk River Camp and RV. If you follow these signs you should get there with no problems. Once at the campground, turn right toward the Elk River where the Monster Chair is located. The paint scheme of this chair is meant to replicate the Flatwoods Monster Lantern, which have been in production since the late 1960’s. Sit and take in the view of the mighty Elk, and relax as you bask in the feeling of seeing all five Flatwoods Monster Chairs! At this point, you’ve seen all the chairs, and you’ve probably taken pictures at each of them. You might as well get your free stickers! To learn more click here!

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