Braxton County Monster Lantern

49 Woodward Dr, Sutton, WV 26601
5AM to 12AM Every Day

The first known notify item to depict the Flatwoods Monster was the “Braxton County Monster lantern.” Developed in the late 60’s as a fundraiser by the civic group, the JayCee’s, The Braxton County Monster lanterns are still made by hand today at Darlene’s Ceramics in Marietta, Ohio. The production is still overseen by former Jaycee member, John Gibson. The lanterns can be bought locally in Braxton County at the Flatwoods Monster Museum¬†and at the Exxon station just off exit 67 on I-79, near Wendy’s. Before the establishment of the Flatwoods Monster Museum and the Flatwoods Monster Chairs, Monster fans had two places they had to stop as a rite of passage. Those two places are the “Green Monster” sign located at the border of Flatwoods, and the Exxon gas station. The location marked at the map above is for the Exxon station. See them for their lanterns as well as other West Virginia themed items and the cleanest restrooms on I-79! To Purchase these lanterns online, CLICK HERE!

Check out a 22 minute short documentary about the creation and history of these Lanterns.

For more information about this documentary, CLICK HERE.