Welcome to Flatwoods, Home of the Green Monster

23 Gauley Turnpike, Sutton, WV 26601

Perhaps the most photographed piece of the Flatwoods Monster puzzle, the “Welcome to Flatwoods” sign, located on Sutton Lane at the southern border of the Town of Flatwoods. This sign was built and erected in the 1990’s. Fun fact: most people don’t know that this was one of two signs made at the same time. The second sign once hung by the road at the northern border of town, however, at some point that sign was taken down. The second sign is now on display at the Flatwoods Monster Museum. For many years this sign was the landmark all hardcore monster fans had to stop at to get their picture taken. Before the museum and the Monster Chairs there weren’t many places to celebrate the Flatwoods Monster, so this sign had to do. A perfect replica of this sign can also be seen in the video game, Fallout 76.