What’s a Flatwoods Ground Pounder?

Need a gang to watch your back? Become an honorary member of the Flatwoods Ground Pounders and never be without a posse again!

So, who are the Flatwoods Ground Pounders? In the mid-50’s a group of kids made up of Eddie May and his friends hitch-hiked, walked, and later drove all over Central West Virginia. They called themselves the Flatwoods Ground Pounders. They’d have fun, pull pranks, drag race, and occasionally get into scraps with other kids. The group was also nearly entirely made up of the kids who saw the Flatwoods Monster on September 12th, 1952, along with Gene Lemon and Kathleen May.

Recently, Eddie’s brother, Freddie, was telling stores to Andrew Smith, the curator of the Flatwoods Monster Museum, and told him about the Ground Pounders. Andrew loved the stores and the name so much that, with the brothers blessing, made a tee shirt to commemorate the group.

Freddie also helped with the design. He suggested the colors which represent the boys high school mascot, the Blue Devils. He also suggested the car. The ’57 Chevy was the car all the kids wished they could own and drag race!

Become an honorary member and pick up your own Flatwoods Ground Pounders shirt today, at the Flatwoods Monster Museum, located on Main Street in Downtown Sutton, W. Va. Design also available as a zip-up sweatshirt.