New Promo Videos in Partnership with the Bump Podcast

In partnership with The Bump Podcast, the Braxton County CVB has produced a series of four promotional videos in which host Bo Kennedy and his Dad plan a “Man-cation” to Braxton County, West Virginia. The audio in the video series came from The Bump Podcast, which is a podcast centered around the paranormal. Find all four videos below:

In keeping with the current times, Braxton County CVB Director, Andrew Smith decided it was time to experiment with podcast advertising so he reached out to a few podcasts that he was familiar with or had worked with in the past; one of these being The Bump Podcast. Smith previously appeared on episode 18 of the podcast in September of 2020 to discuss the Flatwoods Monster on the 68th anniversary of the sighting. As an avid podcast listener, Smith wanted to be sure that any advertising done on podcasts not only presented a good message, but would also interest and entertain the audience of the given podcast so the instructions was given were as follows: The host should create the advertising segments in a way that would fit in with the normal content of the show. Some subjects covered in the segment were suggested, however, the host of the show was encouraged to visit the Braxton County Tourism website,, and select topics which interested them as well as topics their audience would find interesting. Above all, the segments should be entertaining, otherwise listeners would simply skip through them. Apart from these parameters, the host was given free creative reign to make the advertising segment however they wanted. Podcast host Bo Kennedy at The Bump Podcast took this idea and delivered a thoroughly entertaining series of five advertising segments which consisted of Bo and his actual father, planning a trip to Braxton County. The trip began as a simple shopping trip but quickly escalated into a week-long trip filled with shopping, boating, fishing, camping, and finally monster and ghost hunting!

New and emerging podcasts can be a terrific avenue to advertise. They are excited by the prospect of new sponsors and take great joy and effort in creating their advertising segments. This produces an engaging and entertaining result. There is an added bonus in advertising with a podcast that is still relatively new. As it rises in popularity more and more listeners will go back and listen to past episodes meaning advertisements imbedded in those show will continue to reach new audiences.