New Old Stock Monster Lanterns

The folks at the Flatwoods Monster Museum were cleaning out a cabinet when they discovered some old stock of Flatwoods Monster Lanterns. At first glance, these seem like extra monster lanterns that the museum could simply put into new stock and sell without a second thought. However, these lanterns are a little bit special.

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4 new old stock lanterns. 1 which reads, “Braxton County Monster,” and 3 which are blank.

What makes these lanterns special? These lanterns are the last new stock made from old molds before new, more detailed molded were commissioned in 2018. These were made from the same molds as the original monster lanterns produced in the late 1960’s. As you can see, the details are beginning to soften and fade, which is exactly why new molds were commissioned. In the attached image, the lantern on the far right has faint writing at the bottom which reads, “BRAXTON COUNTY MONSTER.” The other 3 have no writing at all, because the mold they were made in had the writing sanded down. The writing had become so faint, the lettering appeared more like defects than words.

A comparison between the faint writing and no writing.

These four lanterns are the last lanterns produced in the old molds that the Flatwoods Monster Museum currently has in stock. If you want to get your hand on one, stop by the museum soon and request these by name. Ask for the NEW OLD stock lantern.

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