Eagle Kidnaps Boy… Thunderbird?

Thanks to, investigator, Les O’Dell for finding this story from 1907 and sharing it with us. In May of 1907 it was reported in two West Virginia newspapers that a boy from Braxton County, West Virginia, narrowly escaped being taken away by a giant Bald Eagle. Find accounts below:

Tuesday, May 14th, 1907 – The Fairmont West Virginian – Page 5

Eagle Tried to Carry Boy Away

Braxton County Father Rescued Eight-Year-Old Son from a Monster Bald Eagle.

May 14. – The word has just reached here of the narrow escape of the young son of D. M. Riffee, a merchant, near Confluence, Braxton county, from being carried away by an immense bald eagle.

The bird which attacked the little eight-year-old boy in a field near their home a day or two ago was the largest that was ever seen in that section of the country and sufficiently large enough to carry the lad away with it.

Mr. Riffee and his town sons were out in a field and the little fellow was some rods away from them when the great bird swooped down upon him. The little fellow was greatly frightened and his sudden dash from within the clows of the great bird is all that saved him from terrible death.

The Screams of the lad attracted the attention of his father and older brother, and when they appeared on the scene the bird flew to the mountains.

The story told in the Thursday May 16th, 1907 edition of The Advocate (Page 4) is almost identical with some small variances in detail and wording. Find it below:

The story claims this incident took place in a place called Confluence, in Braxton County. Confluence was a small town/area in North Braxton County near the boarder of Lewis County about five miles east of Burnsville.