Hickory Flats Bigfoot

Based on the report from the Dailey Mail in 1960, we have marked the location of Hickory Flats as best as we can determine. This may not be the exact location where the sighting took place. It should be near it though.  It also worth mentioning that the witness refers to a tall hair-cover creature, not once in the report is the term Bigfoot, Wildman, or Sasquatch ever used. Below find the entirety of that report.

In the Braxton Monster Back? Truck Driver Believes So

Shades of the Braxton County Monster! He has returned. Or something like him anyway. The wife of a bakery truck driver reported today that her husband came home last night with his hair standing on end.

He told her he had seen a “weird, hair-covered monster in the shape of a man” last night as he drove along a lonely, backwoods road near Hickory Flats, between Braxton and Webster counties.

Mrs. Charles Stover, whose 25-year-old husband is a driver for Dutch Over Bakeries, said he was returning home from his route shortly before 11 p.m.

As he rounded a curve, be said “the monster, standing erect, with hair all over his face and body,” glared at him from the edge of the road, He estimated it was six feet tall.

Stover told his wife he almost hit “the thing” and stopped his truck a short distance away, took another look, saw it still standing by the road, then roared off.

He didn’t stop until he reached a restaurant-filling station where he went in for a cup of coffee.

“But I was so scared and shaking so badly that I spilled it all over me,” Mrs. Stover quoted him.

He told his story to a group of men in the restaurant and they immediately armed themselves with shotguns and rifles and went back with Stover to the spot he reported seeing the Strange being.

There, they found rocks upturned and marks on the ground. The ground was frozen otherwise.

“The men told my husband that there had been reports of weird cries for several weeks coming from the woods in the area,” Mrs. Stover said.

“My husband hardly slept a wink last night, he was so upset by it all. He’s still shook up.”

Mrs. Stover said she knew that if the report had come out on the New Year’s Eve that everyone would think her husband had been drinking.

“But he wasn’t,” she said, “I believe him. So does his boss. So do the men who live in that area. They’re going to continue their hunt for whatever it was Charles saw.”

The Braxton County monster story first broke on Sept. 12, 1952., when Mrs. Kathleen May of Flatwoods said she saw a mysterious object near her home.

She said her sons and some other boys had been playing in a field near her home when they said they saw a large object pass overhead.

She accompanied them and reported she saw a mysterious “monster about 10 feet tall, with a face of fiery red, a green body and a headpiece which looked like the ace of spades.

Her report rocked the country.

From New York, a note[d] naturalist and science writer, Ivan Sanderson, same to investigate. He said the Braxton County monster was a spaceship, one of five which flew in formation across central West Virginia that night.

Her report drew 10,000 to 15,000 visitors to view the area where the “monster” reported[ly] had been sighted.