Gerald Freeman Bigfoot

1151 Kanawha Run Rd, Sutton, WV 26601

Witness: Jessie P

Year: 2003

Date: Second week of August

Time: 2- 2:30 am

County: Braxton

Location: Gerald Freeman Campground

Nearest water source: Sutton Lake

Nearest Road: Kanawha Run Road

Witness description of creature: Approximately 8 feet tall. The creature was dark in color, not black, but more brown-gray. Arms and hands were very hair. The chest was semi bare, with less hair than arms and hands. The hair on the face was like that of a hippie-bearded man, brownish-gray in color. However, there was no hair around the eyes and nose. The skin in that area looked as though it was tanned. No noticeable eyeshine. The creature made no noise other than the sounds of footsteps. There was no smell.

Witnesses’ description of the event: Before the start of school, the witnesses and their families would go to Gerald Freeman Campground to camp and fish. For the first four nights of their stay, the witness and his brother-in-law had stayed up late to fish. During this time, they would also shine their lights on any deer and raccoons on the other side of the river. On their last day of fishing, at approximately 2-2:30 am, they started hearing what sounded like walking on the other side of the river. The witness grabbed a flashlight and aimed it in the direction of the sound. After turning the light on, the witnesses see something duck behind a tree. They then turned the light off, then quickly turned it back on. This is when they see a creature leaning from behind the tree from which it ducked behind just moments before. They could see the creature’s head, arm, hand, and partial upper chest. The creature then snapped back behind the tree. Witnesses watched for about an hour, not seeing any other movement. At this point, the witnesses decided to retire to the camper for the night. Later the next day, the witnesses decided to cross the river to look for any signs that the creature may have left behind. The only thing found was an area where the grass was matted down.

Report taken and reported by WV Cryptids and Strange Encounters