Flatwoods Run and Sutton Lake

Meadow Lane, Sutton, WV 26601

A bigfoot sighting reported to WV C.A.S.E by “Sam” (Pseudonym giving for privacy)

Year: 1988 or 1989
Month: November during deer season
Nearest town: Sutton
Nearest Rd: Meadow Lane
Nearest water source: Flatwoods Run and Sutton Lake
County: Braxton

Can you give a description of the creature that you saw?

“ What I saw I will never forget as long as live… This thing was tall at least 7 foot. Had the face of almost a man and monkey combined. Big stacher looked like Andrea the Giant covered in fur, body-wise, not the face.
Color was variation of dark and light brown not really a solid.
I’ll never forget the smell, like mildewed wet dog.”

How has your sighting impacted your life?

“Chilled me to the bone when I was a kid and had nightmares for weeks.
Now this has been 20 plus years ago and to this day I refuse to go in the woods alone or without some sort of protection.”

Full witness encounter:
“I was in W.V. at my grandma’s hunting with my cousins. Sitting on an old oak log…. Didn’t see anything all morning long… It was starting to get warm out that day. A little warmer than usual. So, I figured I would make my way back up to the house. Before I did, I whistled to let everyone know I was leaving the woods. We make a whistle like a whipper hill so we know one of is on the move. I got no response from anyone. I waited few more minutes and whistled again. Nothing. Ok now I know they must have went to the house and just as I’m ready to get up I hear a noise so I paused. Then smell so I stayed put. All the sudden I hear a noise, something moving very fast, I drew up my rifle in the direction of the noise and there he was 20 yards out running. He probably ran 100 yards in the blink of an eye. The whole time taking out saplings like toothpicks… Now being only 13 or 14 I still could not bring myself to tell anyone what I saw that day. Now I’m in my mid 40s and have told some of

my family what I’ve seen. My father said that a few years before that he had experienced the same thing in almost the same spot. Then my cousin told me the same thing. Now for years I thought ok maybe just being young in the woods alone it was a bear or something… Yet I have never seen a bear run full speed on its hind legs and take only a few steps and cover so much ground… Then after talking to my father I knew what I saw was the real thing. This is something I will never forget… Especially the smell…”

The picture below is an artist rendering. WV C.A.S.E asked witness how close was it to what was seen.
(witness quote on picture)